Julie O’Halloran Plays Druinia in Spellfury

Julie O’Halloran Plays Druinia in Spellfury

Recently, I wrote about Spellfury the fantasy web series written and directed by Travis Gordon, who I interviewed.

What is Spellfury? In brief…

Fantasy. Action. Adventure. Watching SPELLFURY is like watching a live recreation of a Dungeons and Dragons game. Evil creatures, bladed weapons and magic abound in the world of Spellfury. The web series follows an elf named Druinia and her gang of adventurers.

In this interview, I talk with Julie O’Halloran who plays Druinia, the main character of the show.

Talk with Tim Interviews Julie O’Halloran

How long have you been acting?

Wow, lets see. Officially I started acting in 1998, (about 11 years) I attended Theatre Arts at Algonquin College in Ottawa Canada and I graduated in 2000. Since then I haven’t stopped. I’ve done commercial work, four independent films and now I’m focusing on SPELLFURY. I am very excited to be apart of SPELLFURY. It’s the most challenging acting I have done so far and I’m having a great time!!

julie-ohalloran It sounds like you and Travis Gordon have known each other for a while. How did you two meet and begin working together?

I met Travis in 1998. He was in his second year of the same theatre arts program. I auditioned for a play that he wrote and was directing and I managed to get the lead part! After working with him on that play, every time he had a project that he was working on I wanted to be involved.

Can you share some background on your character Druinia from Spellfury?

Druinia at a very young age was separated from her parents. She lived in a boarding school for most of her youth. She’s knows nothing of her mother and only a little bit about her father. As the show evolves we will see her learning more and more about who her father really was and the part she is destined to play in the realm of SPELLFURY.

What challenges come with your role as Druinia?

The biggest challenge I face as Dru is the physical stuff. I have never done anything quite like it before, battling mist demons with a magical sword for example, that’s a new one for me. Or fighting off giant bats, you’ve really got to be in good shape for that!
Another challenge I face in the role as Druinia is acting against something that isn’t actually there with you on set that day. Reacting to something in the scene (like the giant bats) that will be added later in post-production is a challenge. It’s a good thing that I have a pretty active imagination!

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