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Kumoricon 2009 – Part 3

Posted on 28 September 2009 by Tim

Sunday at Kumoricon was filled with interesting panels including the Dark Horse Industry Panel, Manga: The Complete Guide Z, Studio Foglio: Girl Genius, Cosplay 101 and many others.

Pictures from panels tend to be somewhat dull so I didn’t take many. But the dance warranted some attention. So, here’s a few choice shots from the Sunday night dance party at Kumoricon 2009.

Visit Kumoricon.org or follow Kumoricon on Twitter here.

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Kumoricon Pictures – Part 2

Posted on 27 September 2009 by Tim

Kumoricon 2009 was loads of fun. However, the line for Saturday nights dance was ridiculous! We stood outside for more than an hour before they finally started letting people into the dance. At least Domo was there to entertain us! Plus, reps for Venom energy drinks dropped by and hooked us all up with free drinks!

Check out the first picture gallery here!

Kumoricon 2009 Pictures (Part 2)

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Kumoricon Pictures – Part 1

Posted on 06 September 2009 by Tim

Downtown Portland’s Hilton Hotel oozed excitement as otaku from around the Portland Metro and the Northwest swarmed to Kumoricon. Kumoricon is Portland, Oregon’s largest anime convention.

Featured Below:

  • Otaku on the streets of Portland!
  • Cosplayers!
  • Kumoricon’s Cosplay Fashion Show

Check out my first gallery:

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