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Net News Daily Brings You Digestable News

Posted on 01 December 2009 by Tim

Most news articles tend to be long with few readers making it past the first few lines. Net News Daily is working to bring you bite size news stories. This way you can get the main idea and facts but not get bogged down by the fluff. As Net News Daily likes to say, “We take the news and mash it up.”

Net News Daily Net News Daily was launched in January 2009 by two young British men – Nathan Adam and Scott Campbell. Along with about 15 writers, they keep the site constantly updated with stories from around the world.

Editor-in-Chief Nathan Adam told me they started Net News Daily because, “We had a small ‘news’ blog before and we thought that we could create a new, more professional and informative news website.”

When it comes to their mashup style Nathan says, “…we like to strive to keep our news short so that it gives the key information in a good and well understood style. For those who don’t have much time to read the news.”

They seem to be on the right track. For being so new, the site has quite a bit of traffic. According to Compete, the site receives about 4,500 unique visitors per month. Not bad for being less than a year old. You’ll also find that the sites layout is fairly typical for a news page, so it should be familiar and simple to navigate.

NND could be a nice alternative, or addition, to the usual stuff you find on CNN, MSNBC and others.

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